A Southern Girl in South Africa

A Southern Girl in South Africa

The Chronicles of a Southern Girl's Adventures of Living, Loving, Learning, and Traveling in Africa

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Part II: Ringing in 2012 in Cape Town!

March 22, 2012 , , , , , , , , , ,

Ok, so I lied.  I thought I could cover the rest of our Cape Town trip in this entry but I can’t.  It’s too much good stuff to slam into one entry but I promise to finish up the trip in Part III.  Before you start reading this entry, make sure you check out Part I: Ringing in 2012 in Cape Town! by clicking on this link (http://wp.me/p21RUs-7m).  You can read the background on Cape Town and what we did during the 1st part of our visit.

Wine Estate tours

I’m sure when people think of wine, they don’t think of South Africa.  I know I didn’t.  Fungayi and I aren’t big wine drinkers but if you go to Cape Town, you have to visit wine country in nearby Stellenbosh or Franshoek.  We chose 2 estates – Delaire Graff and Zevenwacht in Stellenbosh and both were absolutely beautiful.  Now, I’m not an outdoorsy type of chick. Contrary to what people may assume since I’m Southern, I do not enjoy the woods, bugs, or sweating.  Sidenote: Have you noticed in alot of movies set in the South, the people are always sweating profusely?  We do have air conditioning in the south and I am a big fan of it.  But I digress…

The landscape in both of these settings was so picturesque that I had to share as many beautiful moments as I could without going completely overboard.

Just a little info on winemaking in South Africa:  South Africa is Southern Africa’s primary wine market and it’s also the continent’s leader in terms of notoriety and volume. Over 100,000 hectares of land are used for wine production. South Africa produces 3.4% of the world’s wine and serves as the 8th largest wine producing country in the world (source: http://www.heritagelinkbrands.com).

Delaire Graff Wine Estate

Pictures from Zevenwacht Winery and Delaire Graff Wine Estate

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Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy watching the videos and slide show as much as I enjoyed making them!  Please feel free to share this blog with your friends and family.  I want to share my amazing experience in Africa with as many people as I possibly can!


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