A Southern Girl in South Africa

A Southern Girl in South Africa

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Part I: Ringing in 2012 in Cape Town!

March 10, 2012 , , , , , , ,

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s March and I’m just now posting about what happened in January but being an unemployed housewife is alot more time consuming than I originally thought.  🙂

After about 10 trips to Johannesburg I finally made my way down to Cape Town and it did not disappoint.  Cape Town is absolutely stunning!  Fungayi surprised me with the trip right after we got back from Seychelles (I’m definitely going to keep him).  Cape Town reminds me of a combination of a small European town, San Francisco with its hilly terrain and Miami with its beautiful beaches and palm trees.  Cape Town is definitely the premiere vacation spot for Sub-Saharan Africa around this time of the year (every black person from Sub-Saharan Africa was there.  It was crazy).  For those that may not have realized it, since South Africa is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite of the United States so it’s summer time here right now.

In terms of how Cape Town is different than Johannesburg, Cape Town is alot less diverse (that’s code for not many black people live there) than Johannesburg in terms of the the people that reside there.  Cape Town’s weather is very unpredictable (rainy/cold/foggy one minute and sunshiney & hot the next) and it’s much more laid back than Johannesburg (think Los Angeles vs. New York).  Apartheid existed all over South Africa and Cape Town was no exception.  We visited a few of the key sites that were made famous during the apartheid era.

Fungayi and I did most of the “touristy” things that folks do when they go to Cape Town

1) ride up the cable car to Table Mountain

2) visit V&A Waterfront

3) double decker bus tour of the city

4) hang out at Camps Bay (the main beach) and Signal Hill (another high point in Cape Town)

5) visit to Khayelitsha township

6) winery tour in Stellenbosch (the Napa Valley of Cape Town)

Unfortunately there were a few things that we did not get to do – visit Robben Island Museum (the prison where Nelson Mandela was held for 27 years) and Whale Watching in Hermanus (this is really only in season from July to September and we were there in January).  Robben Island was booked since everyone in Sub-Saharan Africa was in Cape Town for the holidays so book well in advance if you ever decide to visit Cape Town.  These two sites are definitely on my list of places to see and I’ll write about them when I do.

Much like Seychelles, I have soooo many pictures and videos that I want to share with you all that I’m going to break this up into 2 posts.  I’ll cover the first 4 items (Table Mountain, V&A Waterfront, Pics from double decker bus ride, and Camps Bay) above in this post and the last 2 items in the next post.

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Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to visit. Sounds like you’ve had some great adventures. Thanks for sharing.


March 10, 2012

Thanks Ashley! Cape Town is a beautiful place and you should definitely visit. Thanks for checking out the blog!

Carice!!!!!!! Girl this is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Girl I am so happy to see you happy, blessed & highly favored! Love u!

Lusharn Colvin

March 11, 2012

Thanks JITT for checking out the blog and for your kind words! I’m having a blast and it’s good to see that you having a good time in NJ! Love ya too honey!

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