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The S… Movers Say

January 26, 2012 , , ,

My life summed up into 22 boxes.

I betcha thought I was gonna be dressed in drag as a man doing skits about movers all over Johannesburg, right?  LOL!  I just thought I’d borrow the title since these videos seem to be popping up on YouTube every hour.  I’ve talked about the fun stuff about moving abroad but, in all fairness, I’ve gotta talk about some of the frustrations associated with the move.

When I met with the mover rep in Atlanta, he “implied” that they were going to fly my stuff to South Africa on a PLANE.  And by “implied” I mean he talked about what they would do when they took my stuff to the AIRPORT and how I couldn’t have them pack any liquids since they would be taking my stuff to the AIRPORT.  I even called the mover the night before I left to confirm that I needed to bring my liquids with me in light of the previously discussed AIRPORT rules.  Well from those conversations I assumed they would be sending my stuff via an AIRPLANE.  I know dumb, right?

Rewind, did I mention that I had bought a TON of black hair care products (comprised of alot of liquids) since the products in South Africa aren’t that good?  Yeah, I know that’s crazy, right?  You would think that the blackest place on the planet we call Earth would have great products for black folks but that ain’t the case.  So of the 4 suitcases that I brought with me on the plane ride here, only 1 had clothes and 4 pairs of shoes and the other 3 suitcases were filled with black hair care products.

Well I flew to South Africa in late October and they informed me the day after I arrived here that I was confused.  The code “LCL” (Less than Container Load) on the estimate meant that my stuff would be shipped (as in on a ship) and not a plane to South Africa.  How could I not have known what “LCL” means?  Doesn’t everyone know what that means?  Duh. 

Needless to say, I was a little miffed.  I’m thinking to myself “so let me get this straight.  I have enough black hair care products to last me until the 2nd Coming but only 4 pairs of shoes?”  Did I mention that 2 pairs of the shoes were tennis shoes?  But I got over iteventually.   Yes, I know.  I live a rough life.  My stuff arrived 2 months and 8 days later (but who’s counting?) right after Fungayi and I got back from Seychelles.  THANK YOU LORD!!

Lessons Learned for me:

1. Less is more than enough.  Maybe I don’t need as much stuff as I thought I did.  I survived for those 2 months and 8 days and I did it while being quite cute if I do say so myself with just those 4 pairs of shoes and that one suitcase of clothes.  It’s definitely made me think about purging more stuff.

2. I will not allow unexpected circumstances to influence my emotions.  When I realized it would take 2 months to get my stuff, I was pretty upset because it wasn’t what I expected.  We were also getting daily emails informing us of the expected arrival date of my stuff and my emotions fluctuated as the date changed.  But I quickly learned to just move on.  Life is too short to get upset about stuff.  It’ll get here when it gets here and me being upset was not gonna make that ship get here any faster.  Just enjoy what you have while you have it and don’t worry about the rest.

3. If I ever move abroad again, I will always, always, always clarify with the movers how my belongings are being delivered to me and what every code on that estimate means.  And once I get the estimate, I will make sure that I follow-up with all the affiliates to make sure they’re all on the same page.  Yeah, I know it’s alot of back and forth but take it from me, it’s worth it.  I’ll also make sure I bring enough clothes, shoes, and toiletries to last me for a few months just in case there are any delays.  I realized that part of the issue was that the moving company we hired is based out of South Africa and they work with affiliates in the places where their customers are coming from.  I think there was a communication disconnect between them and the affiliate that they worked with in Atlanta.


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Hey always a lesson to be learned, WOW 3 suitcases of black hair products, this ish done got real lol. Love ya!!!


January 27, 2012

LOL! Yeah, this is SERIOUS. I just stocked up so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting products for a while. Love you too honey! Thanks for checking out the blog!


January 27, 2012

I have a friend who moved from Atlanta to The Netherlands and it took almost 4 months tor her boat to make it!

Missy McNabb

January 28, 2012

Oh Lord! I guess it could always be worse. Fungayi has friends who couldn’t get their stuff for 6 months since they didn’t have their work visas.


January 28, 2012

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