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A Southern Girl in South Africa

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“Beaches in Africa? I haven’t really heard anyone talk about those…”

January 11, 2012 , , , , ,

The title of this blog entry is what my brother said to me when I told him that Fungayi and I were heading to the Seychelles for our belated honeymoon/Christmas holiday.  And that’s precisely why I’m doing this blog! 🙂

The Seychelles is a country consisting of a group of islands in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa.  The population is approximately 85,000.  The main island is Mahe but Fungayi and I chose to stay on the smaller island of Praslin which has a population of approximately 6,500. Madagascar is a neighbor of the Seychelles for those of you that love the animated movies.  Most people speak French but many people also speak Creole and English as well.

Have you ever been to a place that was so beautiful that every where you looked and every picture you took was beautiful?  I’ve had the privilege of going to three places like that: St. John’s, a cruise I took in Turkey, and Praslin, Seychelles.  It was so peaceful and gorgeous!  I’ll go on and on so I’ll let the 3 short videos below speak for themselves.  I have alot of pictures and video footage from our vacation so I’m going to break it up into a few blog entries so enjoy and stay tuned…

First Day at Paradise Sun Hotel in Praslin, Seychelles:

Anse Lazio – the most famous (and some say the most beautiful) beach in Praslin

Zimbabwe – the highest point in the Seychelles


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Beautiful! You’re right, never would’ve imagined such grand beaches there. What was the temp of the water? I can’t believe more people weren’t there. Congrats on living the good life 😉


January 11, 2012

Hey Toby! Thanks for reading! The water was pretty lukewarm. There were never that many people on the beach which was great. I’m used to going to places where you have to fight for a spot on the beach so it was nice to not have to do that. I also think because it’s difficult to get there that alot of people don’t go there. Mahe is the bigger island and probably has more to do so I think more people probably stay there. I’m glad we chose Praslin since it was nice and quiet.


January 12, 2012

Carice! All of these clips are beautiful! Glad to know you are having a wonderful time. Please keep posting!


January 15, 2012

Hey Dr. J! Thanks for checking out the blog. I’m having a blast! Can’t wait for you to come out here and see it for yourself!


January 15, 2012

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