A Southern Girl in South Africa

A Southern Girl in South Africa

The Chronicles of a Southern Girl's Adventures of Living, Loving, Learning, and Traveling in Africa

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Johannesburg is a modern, cosmopolitan city.

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The beautiful Johannesburg skyline

Johannesburg Fast Facts

Population: 3.8 million people (metro area population – 7.1 million).

1 of 40 largest metropolitan areas in the world

16% of South Africa’s GDP (25% of Africa’s GDP)

Why am I telling you all this?  Just to let you know that Johannesburg is a really BIG deal.  🙂

Many people’s fears or reservations about me moving here were because their minds are still filled with images of The Lion King or starvation-ravaged children with distended bellies surrounded by flies.  Although, those may be accurate images for some parts of Africa, they are not the only images for Africa.  As a southerner, I can understand how these outdated images linger since the last images many people have imprinted on their minds about Alabama are attack dogs and fire hoses being released on Civil Rights marchers in the 1960’s.  People change and cities change.   The U.S. and its citizens have evolved (with a few notable exceptions) and so too have the people and cities of Africa.  And just as there are rural and urban parts of the U.S., there are also rural and urban parts of South Africa (and other parts of Africa).  And just to prove it to you, I’ve taken some pictures to show you just how modern and advanced Johannesburg, South Africa is…

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